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Services We Offer

A therapeutic massage can consist of any massage that targets certain areas of pain in the body. Sessions are 30/60/90 mins. Ask us about adding Cupping to your massage.

Therapeutic Massage

A relaxation massage generally covers most

of the body, unlike therapeutic massage. Sessions are 30/60/90 mins.

Relaxation Massage

A prenatal massage can be done in a side-lying position

or a reclining position, whatever is most

comfortable. It is done with

a lighter pressure but still is meant to relieve tension and relax the mom to be.

Sessions are 60 mins. 


Hot stones are a type of deep

tissue massage that helps heat

up the muscles faster to increase blood circulation throughout the body, releasing tension that has been built up. Unfortunately it’s not for everybody. It is not recommend for people with high blood pressure, diabetes or those on blood thinner medications.

Hot Stone

Cupping pulls the deeper muscles up, bringing blood to those tight areas to increase the circulation in those muscles. Paired with Therapeutic massage.


Hot Stone
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